“Join the Twitter Storm for the Adoptee Citizenship Act for Citizenship For All Adoptees.” Thursday September 10, 5-7 pm PST/8-10 pm EST. Follow @Adoptees4Just, @YourReps, and “Demand that ALL international adoptees receive the same rights and citizenship as biological children of U.S. citizens.” Visit adopteesforjustice.org/take-action/twitterstorm (link in bio).

Join us on Twitter to draw attention to the crisis of international adoptees living without U.S. citizenship and demand that the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship act on the Adoptee Citizenship Act, H.R. 2731.

Our Twitter Storm for the Adoptee Citizenship Act is on Thursday, September 10 at

5-7 pm PST/6-8 pm MST/7-9 pm CST/8-10 pm EST.

For any questions, please contact Emma (emma@adopteesforjustice.org) and Megan (megan@adopteesforjustice.org).

Read more about our Twitter Storm and view our toolkit here.

If you’re not participating on behalf of an organization, please leave blank.
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